Nothing worse to leave and find out.......

There is little worse than the arrival night at your airbnb; everyone exhausted from hours and stress of travel, faced with getting fed, unpacked, cleaned up, recharged and time adjusted. Worse than that night is the morning after when you groggily make your way from the bed to the kitchen desperate for a hot a steamy coffee to just appear in your hand, waft into your nose, quench your dry mouth and warm you from the inside out. You realize there is no espresso machine, no French press, no coffee bean grinder…only a half jar of instant coffee! You panic as if you have been left on a deserted island and wish you had know about this portable coffee maker. Now that you know this feeling you know you will never leave home without your passport and this portable life saver. 

Lightweight and beautifully designed for compact travel, it makes a phenomenally good espresso and is very convenient to take anywhere with you. The 20 gram capacity to the steel 52mm filter basket, extracted with 18 bar pressure, it has outstanding quality, regards to both durability and great espresso taste, making it the absolute best portable coffee maker if you're an espresso aficionado.

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