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 We got rid of 90% of our belongings and sold our house. We travelled through 6 countries and slept in 36 different places in 14 months! When you move around THAT much, you learn a lot- and most of it the hard way!! In an effort to save other travelers from our pain, I started this business. I hope these tips and tools help you enjoy your travels as much as we love ours. If you want to see where we are and what we are using in real time, follow us at tiktok@thesellarcompany and IG@followthesellars.

One of our biggest challenges while traveling with 2 young children was the amount of stuff we thought we needed for a life on the road. First, let me tell you that you need LESS than you think! What you DO need is the most efficient way to pack the right amount of clothes. The must-have product we use is the TRAVEL CUBE (also known as travel organizer bags or even compression bags). With these amazing cubes you can actually pack more clothes and have them organized. Arriving at a destination or home at the end of a vacation, you feel exhausted and the last thing you want to do is open up your bag to find all the clothes, shoes and socks all over the place, dirty and clean clothes mixed.

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